Managing Emergency Calls

NSW has two Fire Combat Agency's, the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) and Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW). Depending on the location of the fire emergency one or both of these authorities may send a Brigade in response.  


When a 000 caller identifies fire as the emergency requiring a response, the call is transferred to one of four NSW Fire Brigades Communications Centres depending on the location of the reported emergency.


Operators in the Communications Centres use a computer aided dispatch (CAD) terminal to determine whether the incident is in area under the responsibility of the RFS or NSWFB or both.


If the call requires a response from the RFS, the Firecom Radio Operator contacts the district Duty Officer and provides the details of the incident, including the type of incident, location and information about the person reporting the incident. The district Firecom is operated via the NSWRFS State Operations in Sydney and the district Duty Officer (on call 24/7) will monitor the incident via radio.

The Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) will automatically activate (Notify via pager) the appropriate brigades depending on the location of the incident. Duty Officers may also request that different brigades be activated.