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Are You Prepared?

Bush fires are a natural part of the Australian environment and occur regularly, but many people fail to prepare for them. When threatened by bush fires, people will often leave it too late to make critical decisions and often have few safe options left. 


During a bush fire, firefighters will be working to stop the fire, but the size and intensity of a fire could mean that a fire truck may not be available to defend your home. 


It is your responsibility to reduce the risk to your family and your home and take actions to survive a bush fire.The most important decision is whether you and your family will Leave Early or if you will Stay and Defend your well prepared home. 


To get a bush fire survival plan, click here

Or alternatively, download the MyFirePlan app from the App Store (Available on both Android and iPhone/Pad/Pod).

You may also visit your local fire control centre to recieve one.

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For Fire Emergencies, Call 000. 

Are You Prepared For This Season?

Click here to get a Bushfire Survival Plan


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