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Our Vehicles

Solitary Brigade consists of 2 light bush fire tankers. The NSW Rural Fire Service Categorizes it's vehicles, both our appliances being Category 7's.


Our Cat 7's hold approximately 800L-1200L of water, can seat a total of 7 personnel, and are 4X4 capable.


As you can see on the left, is our newly appointed appliance being "Solitary 7 Alpha", and to the right is our older appliance "Solitary 7 Bravo" of which is used to support '7 Alpha' at incidents.

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For Fire Emergencies, Call 000. 

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Permit status has changed. Refer to the NSWRFS Website for more info.

Next Meeting

Meetings are held at the second Monday of each month commencing at Solitary RFB Station from 7pm.

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